Africa Game 2

Are you kidding me? Are we kidding you? No way! Another game about Africa? Are you dreaming…the best dream you’ve ever had? No, it’s absolutely true. It’s another game about Africa. Enjoy!

Click the country you think the clue refers to. If you are not familiar with Africa you may want to play the game with the names showing. You can also choose to show a compass if you need help with directions.

Try to click in the middle or largest area of your answer!
This game will work on any size screen, but the bigger the screen the better!

The Clue!

We are in Namibia and I see something terrifying? Oh no! It’s my doctor, Doc M.! He wants to give me 21 shots in my shoulder! I hate shots! Run with me or else he’ll give you some too. Botswana is east let’s go there. Still behind us. Let’s go east to Zimbabwe! Is he still there? Aughhhh!! Keep running east to Mozambique! Is he gone? I think we lost him. What country has a border on all the ones we just ran through? Ouchhhhhhh!!! He got me! Uh ohhh, I think I’m going to faint.

Africa showing countries in bright colors Africa with muted colors and country names
South Africa
is correct!
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