Africa Game 3

Can it be? Yes it can! It’s another game about Africa. Oh my! Enjoy.

Click the country you think the clue refers to. If you are not familiar with Africa you may want to play the game with the names showing. You can also choose to show a compass if you need help with directions.

Try to click in the middle or largest area of your answer!
This game will work on any size screen, but the bigger the screen the better!

The Clue!

You are on the eastern border of Libya with your pet Triceratops, Herb. He’s very thirsty. He has been pulling you across Libya in an old, western style covered wagon from America’s wild, wild west days. Cross the border going east into this country. Give Herb water and yell: “The great pyramids are here!” You yelled too loud. It scared Herb. Where are you?

Africa showing countries in bright colors Africa with muted colors and country names
is correct!
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