USA Bingo is Published

In an unprecedented move ARTK12.COM decided to publish a book that was ready for publication. In fact, ARTK12.COM published 3 books ready for publication all about the same time: USA Bingo, USA Extra Bingo Cards and Africa Extra Bingo Cards.

When asked about this astounding move first time author Glen Draeger said, and we quote exactly based on questionable recollections:

Well, I just kind of thought that’s what you were supposed to do. Was I not supposed to do that? Publish them, I mean?

It’s too late now if he changes his mind. The books are published and you, lucky reader, can buy them if you want. We’re serious! You can. No, no, no, don’t leave. Just think about it a little longer. It sounds like a very good idea…you are getting very sleepy….watch the clock….very sleepy….buy the books….buy the books, Luke….


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